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Cottage Booking



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Premium Cottage

Premium Cottage


Honeymoon Cottage

Honeymoon Cottage


Family Cottage

Family Cottage


Luxury Cottage

Luxury Cottage



Searching for a top-rated resort in Munnar?  Look no further, reserve a cottage at our Munnar Majestic Resort & Spa now. Nestled in the lap of the majestic hills of Munnar, our resort is surrounded by the ethereal beauty of nature filled with lush green tea plantations, majestic hills, winding trails, and much more.  We offer you a calm and serene living space that is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city where you can


What We Do?

One of Catalina Island's best-loved hotels, Hotel Vista Del Mar is recognized as one of Avalon's leading hotels with gracious island hospitality, thoughtful amenities and distinctive .

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Devi Kiran

The owners of Muhandis Decor were delighted with the imaginative design and use of space for the re-designed shop and cafe and were impressed by Melanies ideas enthusiasm and product knowledge.

Sherly Kurian

Building a beach-house in West Wittering had been a dream for us, but when it came to decorating and furnishing the interior, we realised we needed help. Thank goodness we found Melanie. Melanie understood immediately the style of the relaxed beach-house that we wanted to achieve, and her advice and guidance proved invaluable. Melanie has an encyclopaedic knowledge of suppliers who we would never have found ourselves, and subtle ideas that we would never have thought ourselves. Importantly, she never lost sight of the look and feel that we wanted - she is the antidote of the pushy interior designer. Stylish and relaxed herself, this we felt was always reflected in her suggestions.

Nitheesh Saran

Over the moon, fantastic reaction to the bar but more importantly it worked. Great atmosphere all round fab experience. Well done Mel, I have had a blast working with you.

Sonu Vargese